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Perception vs Perfection / Life coaching services

Each of us views things from our standpoints. Based on how we have been moulded and fashioned our levels of expectation and perfection are from that point of reference. The address to your home may be one but the routes to same may be plenty. It would depend on how you would want to navigate, manoevre and reach your destination.  Some roads may have a lot of traffic, some roads may not be well laid, some roads may just be narrow lanes. Different individuals would take different routes depending on their familiarity and comfort.

Television shows portray different models and promote various beauty products and we get lured into believing these are the most perfect individuals in shape and size. We tend to compare and develop a sense of insecurity and believe we need to be something different. We hold impossible standards of perfection and try to market and package ourselves accordingly maybe to just impress or retain our jobs.  These are bound to be gruesome as it’s far from reality and we get swept by fear.  TV reality shows play for an hour a day but our reality is round the clock!

External appearances can be very deceptive. Still waters run deep. Never judge a book by its cover. We have heard these phrases. How we present our unique version of our inner beauty would definitely reflect in the outer as well. Even with flaws we can be appealing and graceful. How we embrace ourselves, deepen our wisdom and value maturity will reflect in our demeanor and poise.

Meet our life coach to understand how to shift your perspectives and increase your self-worth.

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Mental Make-Up / Counselling

We are familiar with the words make up and made up. Many advertisements on beauty and clothing are constantly displayed at various places which entice us. Packaging and marketing strategies play a great role in attracting our attentions. We get tempted very easily and succumb to these allurements. With the exposure to social media, children, men and women are exposed to cosmetics and beauty products. Parlors and salons thrive in business with people wanting to look good and feel good altering their appearances or textures of the body. Beauty products are used to enhance the attraction quotient.

We do spend a lot of time money and effort for our physical appearance.

However what efforts are you making for your mental make-up?

Are you masking yourself ?

What is it that you are hiding?

If so why?

What are the pre-conceived notions you are carrying ?

Are there any old resentments or ego clashes?

Is your emotional baggage weighing you down?

Are you clinging and clutching to limiting ideas?

How rigid are you with your beliefs?

Are  you willing to break down the barriers ?

Are you open to letting the walls crumble?


Based on our experiences we form are own belief systems and tend to make that our guideline for future Beliefs are thoughts in our head that have formed an image of the world, that we work with. But it is not reality.

Meet our life coach to understand how to remove the paint from your mind…

Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Are you Boxing yourself? / Life coaching

Are you getting caught up with roles and identities?

Are you labelling yourself?

Are you getting compartmentalized?

Do you feel trapped?

Have you put yourself in a box?

Kicking your own ass for an exercise routine or to push yourself from procrastinating is different from boxing yourself.

We fix ourselves in certain roles, move and behave accordingly. We become specialist moms, dads or managers. Or we can be a part of a group and follow the flock mentality. This limits are thinking patterns. We tend to identify ourselves with the group and abide by whatever the group does.  It influences us completely dictating terms on dress codes, life style’s, food habits, dos and don’ts. It can get very stringent following strict rules and regulations.

Labelling is not a healthy sign.  We are influenced by many different factors like our genes, socialization process, peer group, environment, education etc. We are continuously changing and evolving. By getting labelled we put ourselves into a trap of thoughts and belief’s.  This impacts our self–concept and self-worth.

Depending on how people are labelling us or we are labelling ourselves we tend to identify ourselves with that tag and behave accordingly.  This gradually starts affecting our lifestyles. Labelling can be both positive and negative.

Each of us is unique. We need to be aware of this aspect and not put ourselves into a sticky situation. We do not belong to any classified or specific category. One word, one adjective cannot be descriptive of us.  We have varied personality traits and characteristics.

If you do feel labelled /tagged/trapped call us to break free …

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Body and You / Counselling

Our caption reads AWARENESS INITIATOR…this can be triggered either through the body or through the mind. Both are inter dependent, inter linked intertwined. For people with analytical skills who find it easier with logic and philosophy it might be easier to initiate aware ness through the mind whereas with sensitive personalities bringing about an awareness through the body might be more practical.  Yes it is  good to question, as our minds need reasons and answers to feel convinced and justified.  But this is not a general rule that fits all. Each one of us has different bearings and different levels of understanding and consciousness.

We therefore relate to the world from where we are.

Speaking about awareness…we can see the body. Its visible . We can relate to pain , rash, changes in bowel movements,  discolored eyes , brittle nails, etc, The body is a movement of energies. Dis-ease is a result when this movement is not smooth or blocked in the body. Our body immediately communicates to us in the form of contractions, spasms, stiffness, heaviness, fever etc.  Physical signs are the body’s ways to highlight an imbalance. The body even lets us know when we are hungry and thirsty!!

Every choice that we make, every habit we create, every breath we take, every move we formulate, every action/word/thought/intention we fabricate is resulting/impacting/determining some change in the body.  The imbalance creates disharmony in the body showing we have moved away from the natural source of energy.

Energy depletion can also be caused from our self-sabotaging thought patterns and limiting belief systems. Yoga asanas , breathing practices help in connecting and making subtle changes to our wiring

To reconnect , restore to  true and vital self call us .

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Dis-Connect / Life coaching services

We all belong to the same source. But somewhere through the ages we have got disconnected. We are caught up in our worldly affairs and nitty gritties. We have gotten corrupt and polluted .We look for short cut methods and quick money. We complicate, compound and make our lives and living so complex that we are stuck in a maze. And we keep entangling ourselves. Our lives have started revolving around trivial matters…that can be really mundane but we give them a lot of importance. Most of the time we are bothered and worried about what others will say and what opinions are being formed about us. .Little do we realize that those opinions are really insignificant for our evolution. We can’t get into another’s shoes to decide how they feel or what they are going through. As they say every brick has a story to tell. Others opinions and views are based on their perceptions. We can all think and opine only according to our experiences and exposure.  Its best to respect what each has to offer.

That’s why there are different people who form a business organization. There are different perspectives. The whole idea of a brain storming session is to hear people out and to assess their viewpoints. It’s best not to condone or demean another. Giving the other the benefit of doubt is wise. However, how long a rope we are willing to extend is another story. We do not have to be door mats.

Falling into a groove, maintaining discipline, training and respecting the culture, decorum and grooming are essentials for an organized functioning.

This holds good both in a family household and corporate business houses. To connect and reconnect,   reach us at Tatvamasi for further details .

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Unplug / Counselling services

We keep checking our phones to see how charged they are… lower the charge the more difficult it is to receive or send messages. We feel so flustered and disconnected until are phones get charged again and heave a sigh of relief!.  We allow a gadget to control our lives and then literally get controlled by it. This is the same inference with social media.  This addiction is resulting in a disconnect from our realities and we start living in a virtual world or a world of emotional disconnect!!

The analogy of a mobile phone to our lives is to relate how we need to keep ourselves charged and at the same time realize how an addiction to the hand held technological device can be addictive  and draining our energies. We too get depleted in our energy field .This can be caused by lack of exercise, poor nutrition, deficiencies, addiction (substance, technology, food, any obsession )

Distancing oneself,, getting into a shell , being in closed doors , are signs of being in an emotional disconnect. An extroverted individual may suddenly  feel an emotional isolation which may result in lack of sharing emotions, withholding affection. The individual may go through a fear of rejection and discomfort and start forming his own cocoon.  This may be a reason from depression, distress or disease. These are symptomatic behaviours of feeling of emotional disconnect.

Emotional detachment can be a positive behavior which allows a person to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances. It can allow people to maintain boundaries, psychic integrity and avoid undesired impact by or upon others, related to emotional demands. As such it is a deliberate mental attitude .

Emotional disconnect refers to an inability to connect with others on an emotional level. It is a kind of avoidance ,escapism or numbing without addressing the triggers.

Reach us to understand the difference between a disconnect and detachment….

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Labelling / Psychological Counselling

A label is a mandatory aspect of a product.  Marketers use labels for identification of a product. It enhances the packaging. The label gives complete details about the product. A customer can get attracted to a product by a creatively designed label. The label carries the image of the product.

We tend to do this to people based on their characteristics. If we notice a repeated behavior by an individual we call them descriptive names like chatter box, bully, bookworm, etc.

We tend to compartmentalize people based on certain behavior patterns. We do this not only to others but to ourselves too. We get stuck with limiting beliefs. We use labels not only on behaviors but also appearance and qualities of style and work.

This is how we get judgmental and tend to generalize.  Although labelling may start on a fun or casual note it can leave a lasting impression. Like a father repeatedly calling his son stupid… even if the child is not stupid he puts himself into a box, brings about his own definition of stupid impacting his self-worth.

When positive adjectives are used they can work as morale boosters but negative labels bring about guilt, shame, anger and discontentment.

Labelling can be harmful to the extent the individual also gets treated differently based on the adjectives that have been used. We would instantly get wary of someone who has been labelled as a liar.

A person is more than a label and it is advisable to give the other the benefit of doubt before generalizing.  Yes we do expect certain behavior traits from say a policeman or a postman!

By not labelling people we can deal with them in a more relaxed, open minded and flexible manner.

Appreciating with the right choice of words and correcting behavior  with the appropriate statements is a service provided by life coach Mr. Praveen Saanker at Tatvamasi.

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Emotional Triggers / Counselling

We go through a lot of emotions and these emotions trigger sensations. Our body maps the different sensations based on the emotions. These have been proven with research and studies how the wiring from the brain quickly sends messages to the different parts of the body and these sensations leave a very pronounced feeling.  For instance a feeling of anxiety may be felt in the gut.  Emotions prepare us to react to perceived dangers and also to pleasurable social interactions in the environment.  When we are afraid of something our hearts begin to race, our mouths become dry, and our skin turns pale and our muscles contract. This emotional reaction occurs automatically and unconsciously. Feelings occur after we become aware in our brain of such physical changes; only then do we experience the feeling of fear.  For example, when we feel sympathy for a sick person, we re-create that person’s pain to a certain degree internally and as a reflex we may take our palm to touch our heart….to reflect the feeling.

We are taught about our five senses from childhood: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These sense perspectives enable us to explore and investigate our environment and register our experiences.Based on our past experiences our emotional triggers dictate our behavior and our senses.

Even words are associated with different sensory qualities. For example. the word chocolate may instantly stimulate our taste buds of bitterness, sweetness or the visual aspects of dark, white or different colors based on what the word triggers in us.

Our senses play an integral role in our emotional processing, learning, and interpretation reach us at Tatvamasi to get more information.

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Gift of Life / Life Coaching Sevices

Gently drifting with the breeze

Sift through your thoughts,

Slowly and gradually

Without being fraught,

This will bring a shift

From your old belief pattern

No more bound by astrology

And Saturn

The rift will disappear

Between you and yourself

This may not be swift

But is sure to give you a lift

Without any fear

And full of cheer

That’s why we are here

To give ourselves this gift.


Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Agree to Disagree /Psychological counselling

Adjust, Adapt, Compromise and Agree to disagree

Life is a flow, life is a process, and life is work in progress. We are constantly being constructed. In this journey we tend to find fault, complain, grumble, get annoyed, get irritated, feel disturbed, protest, and express dissatisfaction

There will be diverse opinions and views to what I write here, may resonate with some and others may find it debatable. Similarly at all times everywhere we are in different situations thrown among many different kinds of people from different backgrounds.. People may be from varied intelligent quotients and emotional intelligence. This makes it tough for us to adjust and we find reasons for complaining and expect things to be in a particular way or the behaviors to be altered. . Constantly being bombarded with assorted stimuli we develop our likes , dislikes and preferences.

Such is the way of the mind and human behavior. It is personally left to us how peaceful we would like our life processes to be and how we would like to assimilate our experiences. The beauty of the human mind is that it has the capability to adapt and forget. There are a number of scenarios for example on a broader perspective the demonetization or the rising prices of petrol…we are left with no choice but to adjust and adapt.  We make the changes

Marriage is a classic example for adjusting and adapting. This becomes necessary as lifestyles are multifarious.  However compromising may feel like succumbing. It is done in order to avoid a conflict. It involves 2 parties and 2 egos. Depending on an understanding shared a compromise may have a positive or a negative impact..

Some Examples of Adjusting in day to day life

  • Grooming appropriately to work to maintain office decorum
  • Waking up early to reach school on time
  • Cooking according to the wants of your family members
  • Being with the kids at the park although you would want to stay home

Some Examples of Compromising

  • Foregoing your education because of marital pressure
  • Sacrificing your career because your husband does not want you to work
  • Following a dress code which makes you uncomfortable

Change is a constant factor and it is ideal for us to continuously recreate ourselves in order to meet the needs of the constantly changing environment..

Reach us at Tatvamasi to find ways to adjust and adapt peacefully without compromising.