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We keep checking our phones to see how charged they are… lower the charge the more difficult it is to receive or send messages. We feel so flustered and disconnected until are phones get charged again and heave a sigh of relief!.  We allow a gadget to control our lives and then literally get controlled by it. This is the same inference with social media.  This addiction is resulting in a disconnect from our realities and we start living in a virtual world or a world of emotional disconnect!!

The analogy of a mobile phone to our lives is to relate how we need to keep ourselves charged and at the same time realize how an addiction to the hand held technological device can be addictive  and draining our energies. We too get depleted in our energy field .This can be caused by lack of exercise, poor nutrition, deficiencies, addiction (substance, technology, food, any obsession )

Distancing oneself,, getting into a shell , being in closed doors , are signs of being in an emotional disconnect. An extroverted individual may suddenly  feel an emotional isolation which may result in lack of sharing emotions, withholding affection. The individual may go through a fear of rejection and discomfort and start forming his own cocoon.  This may be a reason from depression, distress or disease. These are symptomatic behaviours of feeling of emotional disconnect.

Emotional detachment can be a positive behavior which allows a person to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances. It can allow people to maintain boundaries, psychic integrity and avoid undesired impact by or upon others, related to emotional demands. As such it is a deliberate mental attitude .

Emotional disconnect refers to an inability to connect with others on an emotional level. It is a kind of avoidance ,escapism or numbing without addressing the triggers.

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