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Body and You / Counselling

Our caption reads AWARENESS INITIATOR…this can be triggered either through the body or through the mind. Both are inter dependent, inter linked intertwined. For people with analytical skills who find it easier with logic and philosophy it might be easier to initiate aware ness through the mind whereas with sensitive personalities bringing about an awareness through the body might be more practical.  Yes it is  good to question, as our minds need reasons and answers to feel convinced and justified.  But this is not a general rule that fits all. Each one of us has different bearings and different levels of understanding and consciousness.

We therefore relate to the world from where we are.

Speaking about awareness…we can see the body. Its visible . We can relate to pain , rash, changes in bowel movements,  discolored eyes , brittle nails, etc, The body is a movement of energies. Dis-ease is a result when this movement is not smooth or blocked in the body. Our body immediately communicates to us in the form of contractions, spasms, stiffness, heaviness, fever etc.  Physical signs are the body’s ways to highlight an imbalance. The body even lets us know when we are hungry and thirsty!!

Every choice that we make, every habit we create, every breath we take, every move we formulate, every action/word/thought/intention we fabricate is resulting/impacting/determining some change in the body.  The imbalance creates disharmony in the body showing we have moved away from the natural source of energy.

Energy depletion can also be caused from our self-sabotaging thought patterns and limiting belief systems. Yoga asanas , breathing practices help in connecting and making subtle changes to our wiring

To reconnect , restore to  true and vital self call us .