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Dis-Connect / Life coaching services

We all belong to the same source. But somewhere through the ages we have got disconnected. We are caught up in our worldly affairs and nitty gritties. We have gotten corrupt and polluted .We look for short cut methods and quick money. We complicate, compound and make our lives and living so complex that we are stuck in a maze. And we keep entangling ourselves. Our lives have started revolving around trivial matters…that can be really mundane but we give them a lot of importance. Most of the time we are bothered and worried about what others will say and what opinions are being formed about us. .Little do we realize that those opinions are really insignificant for our evolution. We can’t get into another’s shoes to decide how they feel or what they are going through. As they say every brick has a story to tell. Others opinions and views are based on their perceptions. We can all think and opine only according to our experiences and exposure.  Its best to respect what each has to offer.

That’s why there are different people who form a business organization. There are different perspectives. The whole idea of a brain storming session is to hear people out and to assess their viewpoints. It’s best not to condone or demean another. Giving the other the benefit of doubt is wise. However, how long a rope we are willing to extend is another story. We do not have to be door mats.

Falling into a groove, maintaining discipline, training and respecting the culture, decorum and grooming are essentials for an organized functioning.

This holds good both in a family household and corporate business houses. To connect and reconnect,   reach us at Tatvamasi for further details .