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Mental Make-Up / Counselling

We are familiar with the words make up and made up. Many advertisements on beauty and clothing are constantly displayed at various places which entice us. Packaging and marketing strategies play a great role in attracting our attentions. We get tempted very easily and succumb to these allurements. With the exposure to social media, children, men and women are exposed to cosmetics and beauty products. Parlors and salons thrive in business with people wanting to look good and feel good altering their appearances or textures of the body. Beauty products are used to enhance the attraction quotient.

We do spend a lot of time money and effort for our physical appearance.

However what efforts are you making for your mental make-up?

Are you masking yourself ?

What is it that you are hiding?

If so why?

What are the pre-conceived notions you are carrying ?

Are there any old resentments or ego clashes?

Is your emotional baggage weighing you down?

Are you clinging and clutching to limiting ideas?

How rigid are you with your beliefs?

Are  you willing to break down the barriers ?

Are you open to letting the walls crumble?


Based on our experiences we form are own belief systems and tend to make that our guideline for future Beliefs are thoughts in our head that have formed an image of the world, that we work with. But it is not reality.

Meet our life coach to understand how to remove the paint from your mind…