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What are you suppressing?

Thoughts.. Feelings ….Emotions… Views… Opinions…????

Due to unrelated fears, fears of supremacy, fear of rejection or negative thinking we tend to hold back our thoughts and emotions leading to a lot of frustration and anger.

This can adversely affect the body, as what is on the mind gets related to the body. These can show up as aches, pains, illness and dis-ease. The uneasiness caused by suppressed emotions not only affect our own body’s but largely impact our behavior towards ourselves and others. Neglect, anger, irritation, hate, guilt, regret get pent up.   These have contra indications in our digestive system, increase the risk of dying from heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

Suppressing intense feelings as a strategy for short term reasons definitely result on a long term consequence. Shutting down emotions results in agitation and reflects in our body language and moods too. It hampers communication in a relationship and causes tension. It has been suggested as a remedy to write down our thoughts, use a punching bag or fight with your pillow as a catharsis but these are temporary.

Addressing our fears, accepting our emotions and embracing our feelings is the actual cure. Through psychotherapy and repeated counselling sessions a person can be relieved of emotion suppression, to come out strong and speak up firmly.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

UNLEASH YOUR POWER ….. Psychotherapy

Are you or anyone known to you experiencing _

Irrational thoughts?….distorted thinking?…..strong  beliefs?….superstitions?….negative opinions?…..muddy thoughts?

If yes reach us for assistance at TATVAMASI.

Peer influence, social mores, parental supremacy, other environmental factors impact our ways of thinking and behavioral patterns. We form strong belief systems and thought forms that may not resonate or be compatible with the general norms and forms of thinking.

Due to flaws in reasoning, an individual can make a mountain out of a molehill. Exaggeration, blowing things out of proportion and dramatization becomes a way of speech and behavior.

Having abnormal fears, superstitious beliefs, perverted thoughts, warped opinions,  holding strong views ,makes it difficult for an individual to be in social gatherings or in family groups as there is no common ground for any exchange of views ,opinions or a conversation.  This results in the individual feeling isolated.

Following are some examples of such psychological issues –

  • Health Fears –  being a hypochondriac with excessive and undue thoughts about having a serious illness. Amplifying even small injuries and pains.
  • General Worries – of not receiving a phone call or even if a pencil is misplaced resulting in increased anxiety
  • Social Concerns – anxious about attending parties or being in groups due to perceived scrutiny by others causing distress.
  • Incorrect Beliefs – a repetitive behaviours like in obsessive compulsive disorder for washing hands or checking if the door is locked
  • Phobias – irrational fears and aversions can result from a lot of things like insects,animals, places, heights etc
  • Superstitions – Friday the 13th. Associated with paranormal fears

When psychological issues disrupt an individuals ability to function and handle daily chores efficiently, it is important to meet a counsellor  for treatment and remedial measures to regain control over ones life.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

To be ..or not to be / Life Coaching Services

Life is full of choices…we are at crossroads many times wondering which direction to take. To be able to confidently move on without regrets and not being influenced by others is the key to happiness. Oftentimes it’s not about choosing between good and bad but most often it is about choosing between good and pleasant.

The nature of the choices maybe life breaking or life making , trivial or profound, proper or improper, and they get registered in our subconscious and make an impact on our actions.

At times we may feel we have made incorrect or improper choices and drown our sorrows through unwanted distractions like substance abuse or find ways of small pleasures or even go through a depression. This is where  psychologists steps in to explain the functionings of the  mind and behavior.

Countering anger, stress, fear and other heavy emotions smoothly without being affected is grace.  Being in a state of acceptance and awareness, taking up full responsibility for ones actions is a rather fulfilling journey. Life coaching helps you to learn how to make the choices that can be beneficial for your evolution and progress to lead a more content and balanced life.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Yoga Therapy



Inner transformation…inner engineering…inner restructuring…inner texturing…insight…inner world…inner-science….

These words are very common in the spiritual communities, some maybe associated with religion and some may not be.

The crux of the matter lies in the fact that we come alone and we go alone…in between what we experience as life we meet a number of people with different identities. To the extent we too don many identities from the time of birth to death. The issue however lies in the fact, when and where we get attached to these identity’s causing g friction within ourselves and with others.  This is a process. Due to the influence of our upbringing, schooling, friends, relatives, members of the society we learn a number of things about a number of topics. All this gets collected as knowledge. However it is imperative that this knowledge gets transformed to wisdom

We get thrown to a lot of situations where we are either meant to learn or to teach or be neutral. There is a give and take.   How we choose to respond to the stimulus depends on the opinions, associations, judgments, perceptions that we have formed based on our experiences. The wise one comprehends that the situations and triggers are meant for one to progress and evolve. But it does take time to reach that place as most of the time we react from the ego standpoint as a know-all be- all kind of a person, shutting ourselves off from learning. The willingness to be open and understand another person’s point of view comes with practice, flexibility and a readiness and willingness to accept and change.

Being rigid and forming strong stand points makes it difficult to sail through life gracefully. This impacts an individual in the mind and body both being related.

From an infant to a toddler to a teenager to an adult and a senior…is growth and development of the body from a psychological perspective. This is a natural process. During this process, through our interactions, experiences, competition and comparisons the impact it leaves on the mind gets registered. …becoming the greatest challenge faced by an individual.

This process from learning slowly gets changed to a page of unlearning and then to a chapter of relearning depending on our priorities and realizing that forgiveness and loving kindness need to fill our hearts to lead a life of contentment, peace and joy.

Praveen Saanker with an indepth knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and the Advaita philosophy can help you  overcome all pretense and be presence… is IN tense.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Yoga Therapy


Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives , in all spheres from entertainment, education , medical field, travel, lifestyle etc, to the extent life without technology has become unimaginable. There seems to be no bar to the age groups and gender accessing technology.

Technology may have made the world smaller and more accessible however  it is not without its disadvantages . One aspect that is fearsome is the addiction to technology and the impact on an individuals behaviour.

Symptoms of addiction –

Compulsive checking of text messages

Frequent use of facebook

A feeling of euphoria while on the Web

Social withdrawal

Loss of interest in activities that don’t involve a computer, phone or gadget

Feelings of restlessness when unable to go online

Ignoring the real world and more interested in virtual reality

Technology addiction is an umbrella term that may include addictive behavior to cybersex and online porn; video gaming; gambling; eBay and other online auctions or shopping; social media; excessive texting; or smartphone overuse as well as information overload.

Children who suffer from internet addiction have an increased risk of depression, problems at school, obesity and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Social media and networking have become a playground to release emotions, spread unwanted information, create fear psychosis, boost egos, cause unnecessary flutter, and directly or indirectly this works on the self-esteem of an individual .

Online shopping apps and sites have resulted in many shopaholics to purchase from the comfort of their phones and homes. This has resulted in a compulsive buying disorder with all the temptations online from different portals.

Similarly eating disorders  is on the rise through food porn. The different yummyilicious and exotic visual treats posted by restaurants literally makes one drool!. The food and delivery portals aid with quick delivery of orders to enable customers succumb to their temptations.!

Well this is a trap …caught in a web of sights, lights and colours that work on your mind and make you live in an imaginary world of deception .

Want your freedom back reach us to de-entangle the net woven around you.

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No Pain…No Gain –  Counselling in Chennai

Exercise is an activity requiring physical effort that is carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

stretches…isometrics….calisthenics….aerobics … kick boxing…zumba…walking…swimming…cycling….yoga….just about any form of movement keeps the body fit  and healthy.  Fit here means to be without any injury physically and to be able to handle our daily chores comfortably.

Exercise can help you –

Look better.,

Feel better naturally,

Boosts your self confidence. ,

Improves memory,

Increases strength, vitality and flexibility,

Develops immunity

… In fact, exercise  helps you attain or reach an ideal weight which in turn works on the metabolic rate. .Exercise helps people lose weight and  gain weight as the case may be and lowers the risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly also decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Any visit to the doctor nowadays is followed not only by prescriptions of medicines but also  advise to exercise.

Life style changes calls for some form of exercise to stay fit as both the body and mind are very subtly connected. One impacting the other directly or indirectly.  With the breath connecting, the body and mind ,like a thread to a kite physical exercises if done with an awareness to the breath and breathing can bring about significant changes in the overall wellness of an individual.

To know further reach us at tatvamasi for guidance.

COUNSELLING IN CHENNAI Personality development 

Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Yoga Therapy


life coach

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to not doing your duty. – Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47

Expectations lead to disappointments but suffering is optional. Act without expectation and what you get is a bonus!

It is not possible to lead a saintly life in mainstream world but it is beneficial to understand the ways of human behavior and the workings of our own minds to sail through life. Each one of us acts based on our learning experiences and perceptions we have formed. These may or may not resonate with the personnel and members who we interact with on a daily basis.. However inter-personal relation is a skill that is learnt. Positive interpersonal relationships will allow effective communication

An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. This association may be based on inference, love, solidarity, regular business interactions, or some other type of social commitment.. Communication serves as an  inter personal tool. They are like the spokes of a cycle wheel all inter connected.

We are taught about reward and punishment in our school days or through our parents and these form strong thought patterns in us and get registered in our minds. These form the seeds for our expectations as we proceed through our lives.

An exposure to the study of human behaviour through our psychologists in Chennai can clear your queries and doubts and train you in inter personal skills . A meeting with Praveen Saanker , Life Coach, will infuse you with conviction.

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What does growing up really mean?

“Man is born to achieve life, but it all depends on him. He can miss it. He can go on breathing, he can go on eating, he can go on growing old, he can go on moving towards the grave – but this is not life. This is gradual death from the cradle to the grave, a seventy-year-long gradual death. And because millions of people around you are dying in this gradual, slow death, you also start imitating them. Children learn everything from those who are around them; and we are surrounded by the dead.

“So first we have to understand what I mean by life. It must not be simply growing old; it must be growing up. And these are two different things. Any animal is capable of growing old. Growing up is the prerogative of human beings. Only a few claim the right.

“Growing up means moving deeper into the principle of life every moment; it means going farther away from death – not towards death. The deeper you go into life, the more you understand the immortality within you. You are going away from death; a moment comes when you can see that death is nothing but changing clothes, or changing houses, changing forms – nothing dies, nothing can die; death is the greatest illusion there is.”

Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Talk #28

To experience and understand the difference between growing up and growing old the psychologists in chennai will explain and train you in how to keep the element of joy, fun , laughter and the child-like nature in you alive. Life as its said is not short but finite.

Through visualization and meditation techniques the youthfulness in us can be nurtured and nourished.

To see a silver lining in every cloud or the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow meet Mr Praveen Saanker for a change in views, opinions and perceptions.


Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Yoga Therapy

COUNSELLING IN CHENNAI – Personality development 

We all love fun, joy ,laughter  and light moments …kitty party’s…work group get togethers, attending classes or courses….are cathartic  and  release tensions.  We are able to be without our masks and portray our true selves.  We meet new people and are very comfortable with the “stranger on the plane” concept. Which translates to sharing our views, opinions , beliefs without any apprehensions as we feel the other will not  be judgmental.

Each one of us are born unique physically  and intrinsically.  But due to pressures under different circumstances and exposures to divergent situations we form many sheaths of opinions, views, judgments on myriad aspects and forget our true essential nature of innocence.

Personality development classes enable in removing these layers that have been built by us to bring to light our true natural self.  The classes groom you internally and externally by changing your perspectives to life and yourself  to strut around like a peacock, gorgeous and beautiful.

The classes  by the psychologists in Chennai enhances ones outlook to life and brings about a positive change.  The process includes

clearing ones thought process,

improving communication skills,

boosting ones confidence

developing etiquette for social and professional settings

refining your dress sense

possessing  a cheerful demeanor

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Yoga Therapy

KARMA THEORY – Psychology counselling in Chennai

As you sow, so you reap 

This is a proverb we learn in junior school and holds good in every aspect of our lives, in all stages , all the time.  The importance and connotation of these words are understood differently and interpreted differently. However if you plant seeds for an apple tree we beget apples and not oranges. This is the basic philosophy.

Our actions are directly proportional to the result we receive. This in effect is the karma theory of the Hindu dharma. All what we say, think and do has a direct result on our life and living. Vak shudi , deh shudi, mana shudi are the 3 main pillars to be conscious of during our actions.

These are effectively –

immaculate use of words

cleanliness of body,

and purity of mind..

This may seem very difficult but not impossible. Practice makes perfect. A state of constant focus and attention in our behaviour becomes imperative for achieving this. However good and bad, right and wrong are very contextual depending on the situation and person (and of course debatable!).  Ultimately we are responsible for our own behaviour’s and the fruits of our actions. Like Baghwan Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita it is our responsibility to act wisely not worrying about the result. The Universe has its laws and ways to maintain the account balance sheet of our lives. Like ‘death the leveller”  an understanding of the karma theory can help us tide over our difficulties and mend our ways.