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Perception vs Perfection / Life coaching services

Each of us views things from our standpoints. Based on how we have been moulded and fashioned our levels of expectation and perfection are from that point of reference. The address to your home may be one but the routes to same may be plenty. It would depend on how you would want to navigate, manoevre and reach your destination.  Some roads may have a lot of traffic, some roads may not be well laid, some roads may just be narrow lanes. Different individuals would take different routes depending on their familiarity and comfort.

Television shows portray different models and promote various beauty products and we get lured into believing these are the most perfect individuals in shape and size. We tend to compare and develop a sense of insecurity and believe we need to be something different. We hold impossible standards of perfection and try to market and package ourselves accordingly maybe to just impress or retain our jobs.  These are bound to be gruesome as it’s far from reality and we get swept by fear.  TV reality shows play for an hour a day but our reality is round the clock!

External appearances can be very deceptive. Still waters run deep. Never judge a book by its cover. We have heard these phrases. How we present our unique version of our inner beauty would definitely reflect in the outer as well. Even with flaws we can be appealing and graceful. How we embrace ourselves, deepen our wisdom and value maturity will reflect in our demeanor and poise.

Meet our life coach to understand how to shift your perspectives and increase your self-worth.