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Emotional Triggers / Counselling

We go through a lot of emotions and these emotions trigger sensations. Our body maps the different sensations based on the emotions. These have been proven with research and studies how the wiring from the brain quickly sends messages to the different parts of the body and these sensations leave a very pronounced feeling.  For instance a feeling of anxiety may be felt in the gut.  Emotions prepare us to react to perceived dangers and also to pleasurable social interactions in the environment.  When we are afraid of something our hearts begin to race, our mouths become dry, and our skin turns pale and our muscles contract. This emotional reaction occurs automatically and unconsciously. Feelings occur after we become aware in our brain of such physical changes; only then do we experience the feeling of fear.  For example, when we feel sympathy for a sick person, we re-create that person’s pain to a certain degree internally and as a reflex we may take our palm to touch our heart….to reflect the feeling.

We are taught about our five senses from childhood: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These sense perspectives enable us to explore and investigate our environment and register our experiences.Based on our past experiences our emotional triggers dictate our behavior and our senses.

Even words are associated with different sensory qualities. For example. the word chocolate may instantly stimulate our taste buds of bitterness, sweetness or the visual aspects of dark, white or different colors based on what the word triggers in us.

Our senses play an integral role in our emotional processing, learning, and interpretation reach us at Tatvamasi to get more information.