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Perception vs Perfection / Life coaching services

Each of us views things from our standpoints. Based on how we have been moulded and fashioned our levels of expectation and perfection are from that point of reference. The address to your home may be one but the routes to same may be plenty. It would depend on how you would want to navigate, manoevre and reach your destination.  Some roads may have a lot of traffic, some roads may not be well laid, some roads may just be narrow lanes. Different individuals would take different routes depending on their familiarity and comfort.

Television shows portray different models and promote various beauty products and we get lured into believing these are the most perfect individuals in shape and size. We tend to compare and develop a sense of insecurity and believe we need to be something different. We hold impossible standards of perfection and try to market and package ourselves accordingly maybe to just impress or retain our jobs.  These are bound to be gruesome as it’s far from reality and we get swept by fear.  TV reality shows play for an hour a day but our reality is round the clock!

External appearances can be very deceptive. Still waters run deep. Never judge a book by its cover. We have heard these phrases. How we present our unique version of our inner beauty would definitely reflect in the outer as well. Even with flaws we can be appealing and graceful. How we embrace ourselves, deepen our wisdom and value maturity will reflect in our demeanor and poise.

Meet our life coach to understand how to shift your perspectives and increase your self-worth.

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Mental Make-Up / Counselling

We are familiar with the words make up and made up. Many advertisements on beauty and clothing are constantly displayed at various places which entice us. Packaging and marketing strategies play a great role in attracting our attentions. We get tempted very easily and succumb to these allurements. With the exposure to social media, children, men and women are exposed to cosmetics and beauty products. Parlors and salons thrive in business with people wanting to look good and feel good altering their appearances or textures of the body. Beauty products are used to enhance the attraction quotient.

We do spend a lot of time money and effort for our physical appearance.

However what efforts are you making for your mental make-up?

Are you masking yourself ?

What is it that you are hiding?

If so why?

What are the pre-conceived notions you are carrying ?

Are there any old resentments or ego clashes?

Is your emotional baggage weighing you down?

Are you clinging and clutching to limiting ideas?

How rigid are you with your beliefs?

Are  you willing to break down the barriers ?

Are you open to letting the walls crumble?


Based on our experiences we form are own belief systems and tend to make that our guideline for future Beliefs are thoughts in our head that have formed an image of the world, that we work with. But it is not reality.

Meet our life coach to understand how to remove the paint from your mind…

Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Dis-Connect / Life coaching services

We all belong to the same source. But somewhere through the ages we have got disconnected. We are caught up in our worldly affairs and nitty gritties. We have gotten corrupt and polluted .We look for short cut methods and quick money. We complicate, compound and make our lives and living so complex that we are stuck in a maze. And we keep entangling ourselves. Our lives have started revolving around trivial matters…that can be really mundane but we give them a lot of importance. Most of the time we are bothered and worried about what others will say and what opinions are being formed about us. .Little do we realize that those opinions are really insignificant for our evolution. We can’t get into another’s shoes to decide how they feel or what they are going through. As they say every brick has a story to tell. Others opinions and views are based on their perceptions. We can all think and opine only according to our experiences and exposure.  Its best to respect what each has to offer.

That’s why there are different people who form a business organization. There are different perspectives. The whole idea of a brain storming session is to hear people out and to assess their viewpoints. It’s best not to condone or demean another. Giving the other the benefit of doubt is wise. However, how long a rope we are willing to extend is another story. We do not have to be door mats.

Falling into a groove, maintaining discipline, training and respecting the culture, decorum and grooming are essentials for an organized functioning.

This holds good both in a family household and corporate business houses. To connect and reconnect,   reach us at Tatvamasi for further details .

Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Unplug / Counselling services

We keep checking our phones to see how charged they are… lower the charge the more difficult it is to receive or send messages. We feel so flustered and disconnected until are phones get charged again and heave a sigh of relief!.  We allow a gadget to control our lives and then literally get controlled by it. This is the same inference with social media.  This addiction is resulting in a disconnect from our realities and we start living in a virtual world or a world of emotional disconnect!!

The analogy of a mobile phone to our lives is to relate how we need to keep ourselves charged and at the same time realize how an addiction to the hand held technological device can be addictive  and draining our energies. We too get depleted in our energy field .This can be caused by lack of exercise, poor nutrition, deficiencies, addiction (substance, technology, food, any obsession )

Distancing oneself,, getting into a shell , being in closed doors , are signs of being in an emotional disconnect. An extroverted individual may suddenly  feel an emotional isolation which may result in lack of sharing emotions, withholding affection. The individual may go through a fear of rejection and discomfort and start forming his own cocoon.  This may be a reason from depression, distress or disease. These are symptomatic behaviours of feeling of emotional disconnect.

Emotional detachment can be a positive behavior which allows a person to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances. It can allow people to maintain boundaries, psychic integrity and avoid undesired impact by or upon others, related to emotional demands. As such it is a deliberate mental attitude .

Emotional disconnect refers to an inability to connect with others on an emotional level. It is a kind of avoidance ,escapism or numbing without addressing the triggers.

Reach us to understand the difference between a disconnect and detachment….

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Raising Children / Life Coaching services

Raising children maybe a daunting task. It’s one sphere where there is no prior experience. But to welcome the new born happily, watch it grow and glow is a full time parenting responsibility.

We all learn with mistakes and parents are no exception. There is a lot of trial and error that takes place. Both parents and the children get groomed in the process.

 What are the essentials which parents need to share and impart to children —–

  • First and foremost the parents need to be happy and content. A happy and fun atmosphere is the perfect ambience to bring up a child.
  • Parents should entrust children with little tasks like making their beds, stacking their toys, arranging their desks, packing their school bags and the like. This makes the children feel responsible.
  • Parents should appreciate and encourage the children for their efforts without expecting perfection. This helps in building their confidence.
  • Parents help children build relationships. Through acts of kindness within the family of offering, sharing and caring parents teach children empathy and to relate to others.
  • Parents should teach children kindness towards animals as well. Children should be exposed to nature and its gifts.
  • Children are high energy balls. This energy needs to be channelised in the right direction of creative arts/sports etc
  • Parents should lead by example what they expect from their children.
  • Moral values and discipline have to be to instilled to children
  • Children are naturally curious, .this quality should be encouraged. Parents can abstain from using words like boredom. Children don’t understand the meaning of this word as they are always enthusiastic.
  • Children need to be watched and assessed to understand their strengths and skills

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De clutter the Maze / Life coaching services

We walk into a mall and we are exposed to varied options and choices for shopping. We may visit the mall for a specific reason but sometimes that reason gets relegated to the background and we end up succumbing to our temptations. Post purchase dissonance is the psychological unease that a customer experiences after a purchase of a product or service.  Buyer feels remorse and goes through a confusion of thoughts and justifications on the purchase. Should he have bought it / what if he waited for offers / why he didn’t choose another item /.why not another color etc….there are a series of questions which start running in his mind. And the mind itself finds the justifications. Ultimately we may want the product we bought or it may just get shelved into a corner.

We shop according to our needs, wants, status, wallet size, family influence, age, lifestyle, and the likes. We shop impulsively sometimes.

We keep collecting things, clothes, furnishings, artifacts, toys, stamps, coins and many other things. We tend to fill up every available space.

Similarly we fill up our minds with a lot of clutter and fog our vision. We are exposed to a lot of stimulus through the day and we tend to get identified with many undesirable stimuli . We get involved unnecessarily in matters not related to us, getting into gossip, loose talks, unwanted chitter-chatter, interfere in matters of no concern to us, give unwarranted advice, useless forwards.  We reach a stage when we feel fatigued ,tired and stressed. We are responsible for bringing ourselves to that situation.

We get caught up in the maze .We have not learnt to step back and watch. Contact us at Tatvamasi to find your way out of the maze , with a clear route map and directions.

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Serenity and Synchronicity / Life Coaching

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.

Without any connotation to religion  and religious beliefs this prayer carries a lot of wisdom. There are some things which are in our control and some not in our control. We usually under-estimate ourselves. That can be due to low self-esteem, low self-confidence, negative remarks made to us, situations of failure and the like.

There are DNA imprints we are born with. We cannot change our physical appearance, the color of our skin, and our growth and development. Like a zebra  stripes or a leopards dots are inherent to its very physicality. Similarly laws of the universe like the earths revolution and rotation, the expanse of the sky, the movements of the clouds are all natural. This brings us to the fact that the only thing we can change is ourselves…our thoughts, our behavior which will in turn reflect on our characters and our fortunes.

We need to get out of our comfort zones to make the changes required. Ask the right questions, write a log, and chat with a counsellor. .…often times it is our thinking and thoughts which make us feel uncomfortable and disturbed. We are hurt by our own thoughts. The most practical solution in this case would be to have a dialogue with the person, you think is ,causing you discomfort. Or to realize through self-assessment and self-awareness that they are just thoughts and will pass away like clouds.

It does call for a lot of strength practice and discipline to unlearn and train . Reach us at tatvamasi for a dialogue with the Life Coach to understand HOW to get out of your own way!

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Simple Living High Thinking

Mental diseases are far more serious than physical diseases.  In physical diseases, the patient suffers the pain and all its consequences, while in the case of mental  diseases, not only the  patient, but the relatives too. In some situations the society too is in agony . It has to  face the onslaughts of the patients acts.. Take for example the case of a psychopathic killer , a sex-maniac, an alcoholic, a rapist. They make the life of the people near them unbearable. Similarly   a paranoid dominating abusive  father  can  have  a life long  negative  effect on  his family not only on his wife but on young  children. Children form their thought patterns by emulating parents. The formative years are impressionable and these images leave a  photographic memory.

To relieve the pain and trauma one looks for a tangible solution. Going through hypnotism . past life regression and psychotherapy are ways the patient can be treated depending on the severity. Sometimes the patient may need the help of a psychotherapist for medicines to be prescribed to keep their minds calm and tranquilized. Life styles changes become imperative for rehabilitation.

The Psychologists in Chennai through Tatvamasi will clear the path for the patient through counselling, awakening the individual to the dark areas and enabling them to step out of their shadows.

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Being Mindfull 0r Being Mindful

The mind is a thought making factory with its machines and operations running continuously. Great seers have always said understand the nature and functioning of the mind first. It is the thought process that causes us pain and suffering. Of course never ending desires and long list of temptations are a part and parcel of the thought patterns. Our minds are full of thoughts sucking into our energies like parasites. We feel tired because of our thoughts.

Modern life with   its tensions   and complexities, and cut-throat   competition,    gives rise to a vast multitude   of mental ailments. Man has become a victim to technology .Instead of capitalizing on its advantages he is getting addicted causing a series of illness  .Modern man is afflicted with different allergies and exposed to enough pollution of air, sound, water and his own warped thinking. Limited perspectives, narrow outlooks, greed, jealousy hinder his progress. This results in stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders and other psychosomatic ailments.

Modern  man has a weak ego, that  is  why  he  lacks  the  required  immunity towards  these  disease  Even worse  is the modern philosophy of materialism   of going  on  amassing material wealth. Definition of success needs to be redefined. Comparing and contrasting with the lifestyles of others increases the levels of anxiety and stress.

Man is fast losing his essential human like joy satisfaction   laughter patience and self-control. He is in a trap in the fast paced web and caught in a vicious circle.

To let loose, be natural and gain your freedom back from your self-destructive thoughts reach us for counselling session




Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Coloured Lenses / Life Coaching

What you see is what you get

Scientific perspective

Most colors that we see are a combination of the three primary colors of light: red, green, and blue. These “additive” colors can mix together to form other familiar hues such as yellow, magenta, and cyan. Colored lenses change our perception of the world’s colors by acting like filters: they absorb all colors of light except for whatever color the lenses are. For example, glasses with blue lenses absorb green light and red light but allow blue light (and blue-containing colors such as purple) to pass through into the eye. While wearing blue lenses, objects that normally appear green and red will become harder to see. In other words, when we look through colored lenses, we’re actually seeing what the world would look like with some of the primary colors of light removed.

There are different perspectives to LOOKING THROUGH COLORED LENSES

It can be a biased view

It can be viewing only the pleasant

It is not seeing reality

Viewing through distorted thinking

Magnified view

Narrow outlook

There are many shades to life,  many dimensions and many directions.  Its what suits us ,what we resonate wiith ,is what we see . It’s a matter of choice and perspective.

A lens can help you getter a better view, closer view or distorted view. Looking through rose colored lenses is a cliched perspective where a person sees only the pleasant things and naively overlooks the unpleasant. .Or you may get a magnified view and see the larger picture.

Lenses are changeable . there are different qualities and grades – how would you like your viewpoint to be or your point of view.

Come meet our visionary Mr Praveen Saanker for a broader perspective.