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Skill Sets / Life Coaching

Are you aware of your skill sets?

Would you want to be a positive influence on others?

Are you feeling low and not very vibrant?

Would you like to know how human engineering works?

Do you feel like a fish out of water in your current job?

Would you want to learn how to fulfill and meet the needs to your success?

A skill set refers to a person’s abilities, knowledge and experience to perform a particular job. Specific skill set areas include human relations, research and planning, accounting, education, leadership, management, computers, tele-calling,  etc . An individual can choose his career based on his skill sets or select a career to learn and develop new skills.

A person maybe a misfit in a particular job and feel restless if the right skills are not identified and utilized by the management. Sometimes on goes through a stage of trial and error till the right match has been made. It is guaranteed the individual will excel in the field of choice with the complementing skill sets.

Some skills like painting, music and other creative arts maybe inherent in a person. These are fine-tuned further based on different classes and courses. Similarly the agility and flexibility for sports maybe intrinsic and can be enhanced through training. Psychology plays an important part here in the development process .To progress further in a specific field the role of a counsellor gets deal with emotions of anxiety, stress, temper, irritation ,frustration, acceptance of failure, change in attitudes, addressing warped thinking.

At Tatvamasi through psychological counselling we not only help you identify your area of strength but suggest advice and train to improve your skills

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Are you a Follower or Leader / Life Coaching

Are you a follower or leader?

Do  you have the skills to lead?

Do you have the qualities to be a leader?

Do you have the passion, patience, perseverance?

What about emotional intelligence?

A leader needs to be a comprehensive package with skills , intelligence and spontaneity. Man management is an art to ensure cordial and healthy relations are maintained in the workplace.

Communication – a leader should be able to communicate clearly , crisply and firmly. Communication both verbal and non-verbal has to be effective. He should be able to motivate and inspire a team by setting precedents and being a walking example.

Compassion – a leader needs to be knd and empathetic to understand the needs of the team . Whether family or personal obligations have to be met the leader has to have the capability to step in to assist the team.

Emotional intelligence –is a powerful tool and key component for leadership. Besides managing ones own emotions it is important for a leader to manage others emotions. Not succumbing to stress, taking decisions rationally, staying calm in challenging situations, responding instead of reacting and having a sense of humour are essential aspects in a leader.

Optimistic outlook – how do you perceive situations…negatively? Positively? To know every cloud has a silver lining should be the motto of a leader. Never feeling hopeless, because difficult times always lead to better days.

Fine tuning – the capability to fine tune team members and situations for the most desired outcome and  for the highest benefit of all .

At  Tatvamasi we will enable you unfold and blossom as a leader if you have an inkling and are not a weakling.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

Empowerment / Life coaching

We are all unique beings. It is left to us whether we want to follow the cattle or discover our passion  and pave our own paths. To be able to stand apart, be out standing and exceptional ,calls for grit, valour and courage.  Some of us may realise and pursue our passions albeit not without struggle , some may go through enough churning and restlessness before receiving answers while some others may just go through life in a routine and monotonous manner. Well, these are all the different colours of life. It is up to each one of  us to decide how we would like it coloured.

How do we know our latent talents ?

How do we know we are unique?

How do we know what inspires us?

How do we know what are strengths are?

How do we realize what motivates us?

We have the answers for you. Through Life Coaching we will enable you to tap into your potential and reveal the answers that are hidden deep within you. We will assist, guide, monitor the changes in you through different counselling sessions. We will teach you skills that fuel your passion towards success. The ability to see ,view, hear, feel ,execute a task  differently , from a completely new perspective ,  with a class and touch which only you carry would be your uniqueness.

At Tatvamasi through the Life coaching process Mr. Praveen Saanker will mentor on how  you can choose the colors that most suit you, how to mix and match, which medium to use, what tools are required and how the smudges and smears can be cleared.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

One size does not fit all / Life coaching services

There is no one size that fits all.  We all come from different backgrounds and cultures   and find ourselves amongst varied situations and need to mix and match our responses based on the stimulus received.

Life and its flow maybe simple but it does get complicated based on our thinking and at times we even use our thinking process on behalf of others. In a sense we actually get tired by our own thoughts.

It is through the interactions, inter personal relationships, exchange and reciprocity  with our environment and surroundings we form our views, opinions, perceptions, associations, attachments and are thoroughly influenced by them. These maybe proper or improper which is essentially contextual. But if our views opinions do not resonate with the social gathering in general you maybe an exception.  So long as there is no anti-social behavior or radical thinking causing any form of discomfort or disturbance to anyone it may be normal. But if the behavior is otherwise, as in extreme it may need addressing. Radical thinking and behavior without reasoning maybe a result of a disorder.

Attention to individuals for extreme behavior is given by specialists in the field . Through an in-depth study of their behavioral patterns and influencing factors …… Causes are explored and appropriate remedies suggested.

The crux of the matter is sailing through life in a state of peace and happiness without hurting oneself to start with and without hurting, hindering, hampering another’s progress in life.

Connect with our psychologists in Chennai to get tuned in to your frequency to produce waves of synchronicity.



Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist

Behavioral disorders in children – Life coaching for children

Children too go through psychological issues and behavioral disorders like adults but the symptoms portrayed by children can be different from that of adults. Most children are naughty, impulsive , demand pampering, throw tantrums and can be adamant…this is normal.. However some children can be very different compared to their peer.  They can pose challenging behaviors which can initially be difficult for parents to comprehend and deal with..

Some  behavioral disorders and mental conditions which children experience are –

  • Attention deficiency – restlessness, fidgeting
  • Attention seeking
  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • Easily irritated or angered
  • Frequent tantrums
  • Dyslexia
  • Tendency to use drugs/cigarettes at a very early age
  • Tendency to steal
  • Blaming others
  • Mood swings
  • Low self esteem
  • Sadistic behavior
  • Speaking lies constantly
  • Violent behavior

Treatment is usually multi-faceted depending on the disorder and the factors contributing. Meeting with parents to understand the specific behaviors and challenges posed.

  • Parents are educated on communication and coping skills
  • Meeting with teachers on modus operandi for dealing with the children so that others are not influenced
  • Work on self-esteem and confidence of the child
  • Introduction of social skills to boost the childs morale
  • Relaxation techniques are initiated
  • Encourage the child to develop a hobby or play a sport to channelize energies.

Praveen Saanker as a Parent himself and Life coach with past experiences of dealing with challenging students /children  and teenagers, patiently and playfully attends to the children enabling them to come out of their shells , redesign, remodel their thought patterns , behaviours and make a promising change.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling

Life coaching for empowerment by Psychologists in Chennai

Want to make a change …or change ?

Fun, joy, laughter, giggles smiles and rest can be easily associated with our childhood and children.  Roller coasters and merry go rounds are no more just confined to amusement parks but get related to our lives with the emotional upheavals that transpire in our lives. The longing of each soul to reach home is mired in the vicious cycle of endless desires and suffering.

Tatvamasi life coaching for empowerment by Psychologists in Chennai

  1. Facilitate behaviour change.
  2. Improve the client’s ability to establish and maintain relationships.
  3. Enhance coping skills
  4. Promote decision-making skills
  5. Boost self confidence
  6. Overcome eating disorders
  7. Effect lifestyle changes

Through conversations and discussions a Clients strengths and weaknesses are revealed . The willingness to change is the first step to a journey of transformation. Slowly and steadily the client wakes up from slumber to progress in life  facing hurdles confidently.



Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychologist Counselling, Psychotherapist

Psychology Counselling in Chennai – Trigger Buttons…


Emotions are a gateway to our outer and inner world. how we react or respond depends on our emotional triggers and the current frame of mind.

Can we get aware and literate about our emotions…how do we handle the emotional quotient in dealing with ourselves and in our relationship with others….

Are we wearing masks…if yes …why…what are we fearing…what are we hiding….come meet yourself through our life coaching services.

Are you finding ways, shortcuts to release these emotions…through retail therapy, addictions, food binging, social media, flirting, and the likes?

Where would you want to park the source of your happiness???

You will speak and we will listen…Silently…opening and creating new spaces for you to discover yourself….get your own answers and look at your confident self in the mirror.

Questionnaires and psychological tools to help you come to terms with yourself confidentially, is the aim of the life coaching services in Chennai.

Yes  …self- worth,  self -esteem and self- confidence are interdependent and inter related…Personal life coaching will enable you reveal these finer aspects in yourself, through yourself ,  which you have lost touch with.

Praveen Saanker as the life coach will assist you to wipe the dust off the mirror to see your true self sparkle.

Visit or call us at tatvamasi to experience a personal life coaching .

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The Indian system of psychotherapy is of very ancient tradition comprising texts , scriptures from the Atharva veda, Ayurveda and yoga with their respective branches.

The indian philosophical system deals with 2 main problems –

Endless sufferings of mankind

Mans longing for release from these sufferings

The history of modern psychotherapy begins with Freud and his Psychoanalysis. All mental disorders and problems are caused by unconscious wishes and desires. Freud compared the human mind to an iceberg the major portion of which lies buried under the ocean. All repressed emotions, unfulfilled desires and traumatic experiences find their place in the unconscious. The therapeutic process consists in bringing these hidden emotions to the limelight and thereby releasing them

We at Tatvamasi  through psychotherapy counselling weave the western philosophy of psychotherapy  with the warp and weft of our ancient Indian system, going back to our source to deal with the body, mind and spirit.

Based on personal meetings and periodical conversations the psychoanalytical therapists work on a customized module to deal with an individuals tsunami of emotions. They enable you to understand the nature of the human mind and the way to release suppressed emotions. The therapists  assist you in clearing  the rubble  of thoughts forms to receive stimulus  with more  clarity.


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 Listening is a skill

Listening is a skill.  The word listen contains the same letters as silent. The psychotherapist listens intently to the outpouring of a client silently attending not just to the words but to the emotions.  This is a cathartic and therapeutic process and is highly confidential..

The Psychologists in Chennai address the challenges through Cognitive behavioural therapy. Essentially it is brought to the forefront that our discomforts arise from our own  content of  thoughts and perceptions. It is often our distorted thinking  that creates suffering. When we can change our thinking pattern, we change our perception of ourselves and the world.

We are responsible  for our thinking process and it is left to us to understand this intricacy to make the necessary changes in our views, opinions, judgements in specific and lifestyle, in general. We are influenced by our parents, teachers, peers, family members, and the interactions with our colleagues and sundry. Some impact us, some don’t….

The role of Psychology Counselling is to empathetically listen and understand you …asking the necessary questions, triggering answers, making you re-live your past in the churning process. This does result in an emotional outburst . this exchange of conversation through a few sittings does bring about clarity and boosts the sel-confidence of an individual.

The psychologist may suggest lifestyle changes from a case to case basis for  recuperation and an enhanced living style.


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MYRIAD EMOTIONS….Psychology counselling in Chennai


Frustration, unrest, turmoil, irritation and the like are emotions causing discomfort to a human being. These emotions are triggered through inter-personal relationships reflecting our past or from fear and anxiety of the future and expectations, causing ripples in our daily living.  Our socialization process of upbringing and the environment impact our lives tremendously. Abnormally normal or normally abnormal are phrases in the field of psychology mirroring the emotional states of human beings. Mental abnormalities come to light only when they have acquired a serious form . The treatment of mental or emotional disorder or of related bodily ills by psychological means is called psychotherapy.  Counselling psychologists in Chennai provides unbiased and dispassionate views and listens empathetically to the client.

Psychotherapy counselling shows you the way to explore yourself, tap into your potential, work on your latent talents and get yourself out of the whirlpool of mired thoughts.

With a background of vedic sciences and deep cultural roots from the kerala tradition Praveen Saanker’s efforts as a counsellor are concentrated on the the study of human behavior with specific emphasis on the mind as the vehicle.



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