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Are you Boxing yourself? / Life coaching

Are you getting caught up with roles and identities?

Are you labelling yourself?

Are you getting compartmentalized?

Do you feel trapped?

Have you put yourself in a box?

Kicking your own ass for an exercise routine or to push yourself from procrastinating is different from boxing yourself.

We fix ourselves in certain roles, move and behave accordingly. We become specialist moms, dads or managers. Or we can be a part of a group and follow the flock mentality. This limits are thinking patterns. We tend to identify ourselves with the group and abide by whatever the group does.  It influences us completely dictating terms on dress codes, life style’s, food habits, dos and don’ts. It can get very stringent following strict rules and regulations.

Labelling is not a healthy sign.  We are influenced by many different factors like our genes, socialization process, peer group, environment, education etc. We are continuously changing and evolving. By getting labelled we put ourselves into a trap of thoughts and belief’s.  This impacts our self–concept and self-worth.

Depending on how people are labelling us or we are labelling ourselves we tend to identify ourselves with that tag and behave accordingly.  This gradually starts affecting our lifestyles. Labelling can be both positive and negative.

Each of us is unique. We need to be aware of this aspect and not put ourselves into a sticky situation. We do not belong to any classified or specific category. One word, one adjective cannot be descriptive of us.  We have varied personality traits and characteristics.

If you do feel labelled /tagged/trapped call us to break free …