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Agree to Disagree /Psychological counselling

Adjust, Adapt, Compromise and Agree to disagree

Life is a flow, life is a process, and life is work in progress. We are constantly being constructed. In this journey we tend to find fault, complain, grumble, get annoyed, get irritated, feel disturbed, protest, and express dissatisfaction

There will be diverse opinions and views to what I write here, may resonate with some and others may find it debatable. Similarly at all times everywhere we are in different situations thrown among many different kinds of people from different backgrounds.. People may be from varied intelligent quotients and emotional intelligence. This makes it tough for us to adjust and we find reasons for complaining and expect things to be in a particular way or the behaviors to be altered. . Constantly being bombarded with assorted stimuli we develop our likes , dislikes and preferences.

Such is the way of the mind and human behavior. It is personally left to us how peaceful we would like our life processes to be and how we would like to assimilate our experiences. The beauty of the human mind is that it has the capability to adapt and forget. There are a number of scenarios for example on a broader perspective the demonetization or the rising prices of petrol…we are left with no choice but to adjust and adapt.  We make the changes

Marriage is a classic example for adjusting and adapting. This becomes necessary as lifestyles are multifarious.  However compromising may feel like succumbing. It is done in order to avoid a conflict. It involves 2 parties and 2 egos. Depending on an understanding shared a compromise may have a positive or a negative impact..

Some Examples of Adjusting in day to day life

  • Grooming appropriately to work to maintain office decorum
  • Waking up early to reach school on time
  • Cooking according to the wants of your family members
  • Being with the kids at the park although you would want to stay home

Some Examples of Compromising

  • Foregoing your education because of marital pressure
  • Sacrificing your career because your husband does not want you to work
  • Following a dress code which makes you uncomfortable

Change is a constant factor and it is ideal for us to continuously recreate ourselves in order to meet the needs of the constantly changing environment..

Reach us at Tatvamasi to find ways to adjust and adapt peacefully without compromising.