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Mirror mirror on the wall …./Life Coaching

We have heard this phrase through the fairy tales in our junior school. The mirror just reflects our physical appearance. What we see and how we see bounces back to us. Our thoughts, views, opinions, identifications, attachments, associations, perceptions are a reflection of our persona. If we see a pretty image in the mirror that is our perception. If we see a fat image in the mirror that’s our perception.

No matter what we do, we will accumulate wrinkles, we will age, we will change and we will continually either be disappointed in our image or be appreciative.  If, instead, we focus on a purposeful life, and keep our intellectual, social and spiritual life energized we will be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say,   “I love you. You are the best and beautiful”

Our innermost being is like the mirror. Things pass in front of a mirror. Hunger and satiety, different seasons, childhood and old age, birth or death whatsoever happens, happens before the mirror , it never happens to the mirror.

The mirror does not cling. The mirror does not retain the reflection. The mirror does not compare or make choices. There is no good and bad to a mirror. There is no positive and negative. There is no like or dislike. The mirror has no identity and does not get identified by things happening around. The mirror stays pure, innocent and virgin, transparent and naked. There are no blemishes.

This analogy maybe profound. To that of a Buddha or pure awareness. The Buddha lives in the here and now. There is no judgment and there is no carrying of the past or castles of the future. The Buddha lives moment to moment. breath by breath, inhaling and exhaling. Out with the old in with the new.

We all have Buddhahood in us. But to awaken ,to realise that we are Buddha’s in our own ways is the journey.

Discover your Buddhahood through Life Coaching services by Mr Praveen Saanker in a calm and serene ambience.

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