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NUT-rition / Counselling for eating disorders


Diet and You

Is food a way of distraction from your anxiety?

How supportive has your family been when you have suggested changes in diet?

What strong beliefs do your family members and friends hold on nutrition?

Do you keep making excuses for not watching your weight?

Are the efforts you make on diets very short lasting?

What blocks are you carrying on diet and nutrition?

Have you tried dietary plans and failed?

Are you bingeing?

Are you depriving yourself from your favorite foods?  Why?

Is your weight managing you or you managing your weight?

Have you done group dieting? Competitive

Have you tried dieting under supervision?

Have you changed diets as per the latest fad?

Have you dieted only to meet short term goals – wedding or for girl / boyfriend?

Have you dieted just because people call you Fat?

Have you dieted due to peer pressure?

The questions can be many on DIET and YOU.  How is it impacting you.? Have you noticed the changes you desired?

Or did you just Spiral out of control……

Come chat with us on eating disorders.