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Raising Children / Life Coaching services

Raising children maybe a daunting task. It’s one sphere where there is no prior experience. But to welcome the new born happily, watch it grow and glow is a full time parenting responsibility.

We all learn with mistakes and parents are no exception. There is a lot of trial and error that takes place. Both parents and the children get groomed in the process.

 What are the essentials which parents need to share and impart to children —–

  • First and foremost the parents need to be happy and content. A happy and fun atmosphere is the perfect ambience to bring up a child.
  • Parents should entrust children with little tasks like making their beds, stacking their toys, arranging their desks, packing their school bags and the like. This makes the children feel responsible.
  • Parents should appreciate and encourage the children for their efforts without expecting perfection. This helps in building their confidence.
  • Parents help children build relationships. Through acts of kindness within the family of offering, sharing and caring parents teach children empathy and to relate to others.
  • Parents should teach children kindness towards animals as well. Children should be exposed to nature and its gifts.
  • Children are high energy balls. This energy needs to be channelised in the right direction of creative arts/sports etc
  • Parents should lead by example what they expect from their children.
  • Moral values and discipline have to be to instilled to children
  • Children are naturally curious, .this quality should be encouraged. Parents can abstain from using words like boredom. Children don’t understand the meaning of this word as they are always enthusiastic.
  • Children need to be watched and assessed to understand their strengths and skills

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