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De clutter the Maze / Life coaching services

We walk into a mall and we are exposed to varied options and choices for shopping. We may visit the mall for a specific reason but sometimes that reason gets relegated to the background and we end up succumbing to our temptations. Post purchase dissonance is the psychological unease that a customer experiences after a purchase of a product or service.  Buyer feels remorse and goes through a confusion of thoughts and justifications on the purchase. Should he have bought it / what if he waited for offers / why he didn’t choose another item /.why not another color etc….there are a series of questions which start running in his mind. And the mind itself finds the justifications. Ultimately we may want the product we bought or it may just get shelved into a corner.

We shop according to our needs, wants, status, wallet size, family influence, age, lifestyle, and the likes. We shop impulsively sometimes.

We keep collecting things, clothes, furnishings, artifacts, toys, stamps, coins and many other things. We tend to fill up every available space.

Similarly we fill up our minds with a lot of clutter and fog our vision. We are exposed to a lot of stimulus through the day and we tend to get identified with many undesirable stimuli . We get involved unnecessarily in matters not related to us, getting into gossip, loose talks, unwanted chitter-chatter, interfere in matters of no concern to us, give unwarranted advice, useless forwards.  We reach a stage when we feel fatigued ,tired and stressed. We are responsible for bringing ourselves to that situation.

We get caught up in the maze .We have not learnt to step back and watch. Contact us at Tatvamasi to find your way out of the maze , with a clear route map and directions.

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