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Happy Parents raise Happy Children / Life coaching for Parents

Parenting is like on the job training. It is a skill. No matter how many books we read or watch other parents, each of us deal with different emotions, at different stages and different ages. There is a huge mix match and blend of scenarios. Dealing with emotions that too of children can be a challenging affair. Parents  tend to over pamper their children to cover their guilt factor or get too possessive based on some in -built fears they may be breeding . They misinterpret that over pampering and possessiveness are liked by the kids but in fact it leads to an adverse effect.. Misplaced adoration takes a toll on children. They tend to get manipulative.  Children are not able to communicate due to their age constrictions and parents are not able to comprehend due to their cluttered minds. This results in a complicated and difficult situation for both the parents and children.

But the bottom line is parents are the best coach for their children. Children watch and observe their parents and tend to imitate. Even if a child goes through coaching there is a substantial amount of time spent with the parents and teachers during the counselling session.

A coach may suggest ways and methods as remedies for   a child with behavioural issues.  However it is upto parents to monitor the progress of their own children to provide feedback to the coach. As the primary agent in the socialisation process in the upbringing and exposure of the child,  parents need to take up the onus and responsibility to lead their wards on.

Children need timely attention, space to grow up and the right exposures. Meet our Life coach Mr Praveen Saanker to get equipped with parenting tools to maintain a balance in your hectic life.

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