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Life Coaching for Children

Is your child have problems with social skills?

Have you received complaints about ant-social behaviour about your child?

Is your child being abusive and displaying violent behaviour ?

Is your child lying ?

Are there any reports of bullying ?

Yes to these questions means the child needs addressing and attention. It is difficult for parents and teachers to identify the challenges posed by the children.  It does take time to differentiate between a misbehaved child and a child with abnormal behavior. Understanding, right guidance, motivation and plenty of encouragement, enable kids to develop confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence.

There is no standard rule for raising children. As parents we give in our best and do our best in bringing up our kids to the best of our abilities. There  is however a reflection of our own socialization process and we try not to make the mistakes our parents committed. But where we falter is when we try to fulfil our wishes and dreams through our kids. This causes an altercation and dysfunction.

Parenting  leaves an impact on children as they mirror the attitude and behavior of parents. An abusive father can be the cause of a child developing fear . Parents not giving attention to children, the child may seek attention from the peer group or in unwarranted relationships. Over possessiveness, pampering, neglecting, succumbing to tantrums, no one-on-one time, pressurizing, beating are some of the mistakes parents make.

Poor academic achievement, bullying, stealing, anger, stress, attention deficit,, divorced parents, social skills difficulties, health issues, sibling rivalry undue expectation from teachers and parents,  are some of the challenges faced by children.

Mr Praveen Saanker as the life coach serves as the bridge between the parents and the children  to bring about harmony and cordial relations by the following tools –

Identify triggers or causes for negative behaviors or emotions

Appreciate and compliment when required

Introduce and expose children to sports/music/art

Understanding the child and the difficulties

Build higher self esteem and increased confidence

Changing the view of parents/teachers

Techniques for managing emotions

Role play

Story telling