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Attitude / Psychological counselling

The way we carry ourselves, behave, reciprocate, our body language, our outlook, speaks about our attitude.

To carry an air of confidence, to be able to skillfully communicate  the dress sense, the demeanor reflects a persons attitude. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with physical appearance but also with the viewpoints a person may hold regarding people, events or situations.

Nowadays it has become symptomatic to get judgmental about a person with a negative outlook demeaning the person as arrogant or disrespectful.

Attitudes are developed through past experiences, ingrained in our perceptions and this naturally gets reflected in our behavior. People with perpetual attitude problems polluting the environment with their presence making it toxic need a serious look at themselves. They are capable of changing a fun environment to depressing with their radical behavior.

Whenever there is an accumulation of unresolved negative emotion, a person will lean toward high levels of irrational or unwarranted reactivity. A pessimistic outlook, constantly complaining and having a jaded opinion on people and situations leaves a bitter taste.

This is an indication that a shift in perspective is much-needed. If you’re able to see patterns where you’re overly reactive, defensive, self-righteous, or just plain negative, you’re someone who’s dealing with an attitude problem.  This can be reflective in repetitive failing relationships or people giving you their feedback on your behavior. To some extent, each of us have bad days and display behaviors that can be problematic or not very conducive to the environment. However this is not a disorder but needs core corrections in behavioral patterns.

A change in perception can bring about a change in the chemistry of the body.

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