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7 C’s Corporate Leadership/ Life Coaching

We see leaders like Mr Modi and Mr Barack Obama with unflinching oratorical skills, air of confidence, strength of character, sense of humor, commitment, ability to delegate and a positive attitude. They lead nations. That is a huge responsibility. To be the choice of the masses and not to disappoint the electorate. These are 2 popular names in the current political scenario. (Views may differ) But many of us can relate to these names.   We are highlighting here the leadership qualities and how they translate in the corporate business houses.

Following qualities are vital to a leader.

  • Charisma,
  • Communication,
  • Composure,
  • Commitment,
  • Compassion ,
  • Competence,
  • Creativity

A leader needs to motivate and inspire besides excelling in his own personal targets. Being exceptionally  fearless a leader needs to have a high risk appetite to maneuver, channelize and mobilize his followers.

Passion, focus, never say die attitude are symptomatic to a leader.

To mix the right ingredients of integrity, sense of humor, positive attitude which spice to add more or less, which sauce will pep up the dish and how to garnish gracefully and dexterously  is the role played by Mr Praveen Saanker.

No we don’t teach you to cook but teach you the modus operandi of tuning, grooming preparing you to LEAD a cooking class. The key word being LEAD. We are referring to the capabilities , talents and inert abilities to be a LEADER.

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