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Soft Skills – Lead by Example

Soft skills refer to personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.  These are intangible and non-technical.

Skills related to psychological behavior like coping skills, decision making skills, inter-personal relationship skills, strategic thinking, critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence come under this category.

Soft skills relate to an individual’s attitudes and intuitions. These can be exposed at an interview table where the first impression is made. This however is from a job and career context. But soft skills are required in every sphere of our lives. They are personality driven and reflect our upbringing and culture.

Soft skills are different from hard skills .Hard skills are the tangible and technical skills demonstrated by an individual’s qualifications and specific professional experiences,

Thinking out of the box or stepping back from the dance floor to get on top for a balcony view, thinking big, weighing different options would categorize under strategic thinking.

To be able to get out of the comfort zone with a high risk appetite and not following conventional wisdom would make an individual’s critical thinking appreciable. They do not necessarily follow logical thinking.

Qualities of self-assessment, self-awareness, and self-management would rate an individual’s emotional intelligence.

Communication plays a key role in our daily lives. What we say, how we say, when we say, our body language, the choice of words, the tone of our voice creates an impact on the listener. This skill can be developed and learnt.

Values are cultivated. To present oneself based on their respective values is an inherent soft skill. Honesty, integrity, patience for example present themselves organically in any situation. This serves as a source of inspiration and motivation especially in a work place.

A productive and healthy work environment depends on soft skills. After all, the workplace is an interpersonal space, where relationships must be built and fostered, perspectives are exchanged, and occasionally conflicts must be resolved.

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