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UNLEASH YOUR POWER ….. Psychotherapy

Are you or anyone known to you experiencing _

Irrational thoughts?….distorted thinking?…..strong  beliefs?….superstitions?….negative opinions?…..muddy thoughts?

If yes reach us for assistance at TATVAMASI.

Peer influence, social mores, parental supremacy, other environmental factors impact our ways of thinking and behavioral patterns. We form strong belief systems and thought forms that may not resonate or be compatible with the general norms and forms of thinking.

Due to flaws in reasoning, an individual can make a mountain out of a molehill. Exaggeration, blowing things out of proportion and dramatization becomes a way of speech and behavior.

Having abnormal fears, superstitious beliefs, perverted thoughts, warped opinions,  holding strong views ,makes it difficult for an individual to be in social gatherings or in family groups as there is no common ground for any exchange of views ,opinions or a conversation.  This results in the individual feeling isolated.

Following are some examples of such psychological issues –

  • Health Fears –  being a hypochondriac with excessive and undue thoughts about having a serious illness. Amplifying even small injuries and pains.
  • General Worries – of not receiving a phone call or even if a pencil is misplaced resulting in increased anxiety
  • Social Concerns – anxious about attending parties or being in groups due to perceived scrutiny by others causing distress.
  • Incorrect Beliefs – a repetitive behaviours like in obsessive compulsive disorder for washing hands or checking if the door is locked
  • Phobias – irrational fears and aversions can result from a lot of things like insects,animals, places, heights etc
  • Superstitions – Friday the 13th. Associated with paranormal fears

When psychological issues disrupt an individuals ability to function and handle daily chores efficiently, it is important to meet a counsellor  for treatment and remedial measures to regain control over ones life.

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Life Coach, Life Coaching - Life Coach, Personality Development - Self Development, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy

To be ..or not to be / Life Coaching Services

Life is full of choices…we are at crossroads many times wondering which direction to take. To be able to confidently move on without regrets and not being influenced by others is the key to happiness. Oftentimes it’s not about choosing between good and bad but most often it is about choosing between good and pleasant.

The nature of the choices maybe life breaking or life making , trivial or profound, proper or improper, and they get registered in our subconscious and make an impact on our actions.

At times we may feel we have made incorrect or improper choices and drown our sorrows through unwanted distractions like substance abuse or find ways of small pleasures or even go through a depression. This is where  psychologists steps in to explain the functionings of the  mind and behavior.

Countering anger, stress, fear and other heavy emotions smoothly without being affected is grace.  Being in a state of acceptance and awareness, taking up full responsibility for ones actions is a rather fulfilling journey. Life coaching helps you to learn how to make the choices that can be beneficial for your evolution and progress to lead a more content and balanced life.

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