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Inner transformation…inner engineering…inner restructuring…inner texturing…insight…inner world…inner-science….

These words are very common in the spiritual communities, some maybe associated with religion and some may not be.

The crux of the matter lies in the fact that we come alone and we go alone…in between what we experience as life we meet a number of people with different identities. To the extent we too don many identities from the time of birth to death. The issue however lies in the fact, when and where we get attached to these identity’s causing g friction within ourselves and with others.  This is a process. Due to the influence of our upbringing, schooling, friends, relatives, members of the society we learn a number of things about a number of topics. All this gets collected as knowledge. However it is imperative that this knowledge gets transformed to wisdom

We get thrown to a lot of situations where we are either meant to learn or to teach or be neutral. There is a give and take.   How we choose to respond to the stimulus depends on the opinions, associations, judgments, perceptions that we have formed based on our experiences. The wise one comprehends that the situations and triggers are meant for one to progress and evolve. But it does take time to reach that place as most of the time we react from the ego standpoint as a know-all be- all kind of a person, shutting ourselves off from learning. The willingness to be open and understand another person’s point of view comes with practice, flexibility and a readiness and willingness to accept and change.

Being rigid and forming strong stand points makes it difficult to sail through life gracefully. This impacts an individual in the mind and body both being related.

From an infant to a toddler to a teenager to an adult and a senior…is growth and development of the body from a psychological perspective. This is a natural process. During this process, through our interactions, experiences, competition and comparisons the impact it leaves on the mind gets registered. …becoming the greatest challenge faced by an individual.

This process from learning slowly gets changed to a page of unlearning and then to a chapter of relearning depending on our priorities and realizing that forgiveness and loving kindness need to fill our hearts to lead a life of contentment, peace and joy.

Praveen Saanker with an indepth knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and the Advaita philosophy can help you  overcome all pretense and be presence… is IN tense.

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