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KARMA THEORY – Psychology counselling in Chennai

As you sow, so you reap 

This is a proverb we learn in junior school and holds good in every aspect of our lives, in all stages , all the time.  The importance and connotation of these words are understood differently and interpreted differently. However if you plant seeds for an apple tree we beget apples and not oranges. This is the basic philosophy.

Our actions are directly proportional to the result we receive. This in effect is the karma theory of the Hindu dharma. All what we say, think and do has a direct result on our life and living. Vak shudi , deh shudi, mana shudi are the 3 main pillars to be conscious of during our actions.

These are effectively –

immaculate use of words

cleanliness of body,

and purity of mind..

This may seem very difficult but not impossible. Practice makes perfect. A state of constant focus and attention in our behaviour becomes imperative for achieving this. However good and bad, right and wrong are very contextual depending on the situation and person (and of course debatable!).  Ultimately we are responsible for our own behaviour’s and the fruits of our actions. Like Baghwan Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita it is our responsibility to act wisely not worrying about the result. The Universe has its laws and ways to maintain the account balance sheet of our lives. Like ‘death the leveller”  an understanding of the karma theory can help us tide over our difficulties and mend our ways.