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Life coaching for empowerment by Psychologists in Chennai

Want to make a change …or change ?

Fun, joy, laughter, giggles smiles and rest can be easily associated with our childhood and children.  Roller coasters and merry go rounds are no more just confined to amusement parks but get related to our lives with the emotional upheavals that transpire in our lives. The longing of each soul to reach home is mired in the vicious cycle of endless desires and suffering.

Tatvamasi life coaching for empowerment by Psychologists in Chennai

  1. Facilitate behaviour change.
  2. Improve the client’s ability to establish and maintain relationships.
  3. Enhance coping skills
  4. Promote decision-making skills
  5. Boost self confidence
  6. Overcome eating disorders
  7. Effect lifestyle changes

Through conversations and discussions a Clients strengths and weaknesses are revealed . The willingness to change is the first step to a journey of transformation. Slowly and steadily the client wakes up from slumber to progress in life  facing hurdles confidently.



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Life coaching doesn’t necessarily have to be a profession but it can be practiced as a genuine passion of reaching out to individuals. It does not mean assisting or guiding only people with difficulties and challenges but those who want to make the most of life. To enable and pave the way for you to unfold, progress and evolve is the role of the Life Coach.

The Life Coach helps you attain your goals, with an outlook at anytime, to improve your life by challenging yourself and increasing your self-worth.

The Life Coaching Format:

The life coach meets and understands your needs and requirements. These talks may last 60 to 90 minutes

Your strengths and weaknesses are assessed

Modules are worked out to chalk out your progress rate

Questionnaires and psychological tools are presented for self assessment

Constant email support is provided

Occasional calls for interacting and feedback

This association between the Life Coach and client can vary from 6 months to a year on a case to case basis. These are customized and highly confidential.

The Life Coach in Chennai taps into your inner being to reveal the answers to all your questions…which are effectively concealed within you. This may be a result of distorted thought patterns resulting from an individuals socialization process and the influence of the environment.

Praveen Saanker as the Life Coach empathetically listens and comprehends your situation. The Coach encourages you to connect with your latent talents.  Depending on the challenge being countered, the life coach designs a plan for your wellness which would be inclusive of your health, career and relationships.