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Psychology Counselling in Chennai – Trigger Buttons…


Emotions are a gateway to our outer and inner world. how we react or respond depends on our emotional triggers and the current frame of mind.

Can we get aware and literate about our emotions…how do we handle the emotional quotient in dealing with ourselves and in our relationship with others….

Are we wearing masks…if yes …why…what are we fearing…what are we hiding….come meet yourself through our life coaching services.

Are you finding ways, shortcuts to release these emotions…through retail therapy, addictions, food binging, social media, flirting, and the likes?

Where would you want to park the source of your happiness???

You will speak and we will listen…Silently…opening and creating new spaces for you to discover yourself….get your own answers and look at your confident self in the mirror.

Questionnaires and psychological tools to help you come to terms with yourself confidentially, is the aim of the life coaching services in Chennai.

Yes  …self- worth,  self -esteem and self- confidence are interdependent and inter related…Personal life coaching will enable you reveal these finer aspects in yourself, through yourself ,  which you have lost touch with.

Praveen Saanker as the life coach will assist you to wipe the dust off the mirror to see your true self sparkle.

Visit or call us at tatvamasi to experience a personal life coaching .