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Most of us at some stage in our lives are introduced to sports and exercise and fitness. Our tryst with sports starts in our school days with a games period .  Some of us pursue what is taught there and for most of us it all gets relegated to the background. Until much later in life we realize that the jumping jack or kangaroo hop or the frog leaps actually work miracles if practiced and pursued sincerely. Well the key words are practice and sincerity.

The differences listed above between a fitness coach and a life coach help in understanding the compartmentalized roles which each play. Early adulthood we enroll into gyms with a  personal trainer to  have  size zero  figures or 6 pack abs as the case may be. Later on in life, however with added responsibilities  Health takes a toll and priorities change.

 A fitness trainer works with you and assists you with exercises, monitoring personally , correcting the postures and works out a schedule based on your age and weight. Suggestions on diet are also provided.

The role of a life coach however is to work with your mind, thought forms and subtle energies. The life coach guides and taps into your potential and awakens your latent talents to enable you evolve and progress in life. The life coach may suggest lifestyle changes as well and /or exercise as a routine to release endorphins.

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