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Are you looking forward to waking up to a new dawn, or feeling lethargic and depressed ?….LIFE COACHING SERVICES


Are you upbeat to get out of bed and get to office joyfully or dreading every minute of dressing up with the dressing down…

Are you waiting to jump out of bed to rush to your closest park to be with nature or are you procrastinating….

Are you enthusiastic to roll out of bed to handle your daily routine chores or feel dull and pointless…


Well yes to even one of those questions or statements above may want you to meet a guide and friend who can show you the way to kickstart your day!

We all have these moments of “what next” or “why” unanswered but a meeting with a Life coach can have you see the world through a fresh lens.

Life coaching in Chennai with the training in skill sets and personality development assists and guides you to boost your stamina.

A life coach empathetically listens and understands your way of thinking…the hindrances and obstacles that have been self built and works round them to help you flow and glow.

Praveen Saanker with  deep roots in the indian tradition does just about this with ease to assist you overcome your dis-ease and discomforts and molds you to be a fine person.

The life coach taps into your very source and brings out your hidden potential  spending time through different sessions. Patiently understanding and guiding you through every aspect of your life . Reveals answers to your questions by making you probe deeper within yourself.

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