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Life Coaching in Chennai

  1. Would you like to evolve or dissolve? What is suppressing you ?
  2. Why the resistance ? Would you like to convert the resistance to a resource?
  3. Do you feel that there are obstacles all the time and speed breakers holding you back?

The sensations of lost, restlessness, in the woods and no light to be seen….Well there may be dead ends and blind alleys but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel..

A life coach does precisely that’s not about mentoring, tutoring, advising…but bringing about a perspective change to make you see things from a different light and this is done by tapping into your potential…your strengths…meeting your challenges. Just as the lotus blooms and rises through the mud and grime and stays with its head up , a life coach assists you blossom.

Praveen Saanker with his expertise as a psychologist, corporate trainer and an entrepreneur from the financial field handles clients with prowess…putting across the right questions to you…triggering the sedate emotions…. Pressing the apt buttons to get you on a roll to move, think and act.

Life coaching works on your self-esteem and confidence levels empowering you to meet tasks in all the spheres of your life…business, personal and inter-personal relationships. This in turn inversely or directly results in your wellness and helps you lead a life complete and full of  contentment .

Life coaching in Chennai caters to the needs of not only professionals but for children , housewives, entrepreneurs and essentially anyone who feels they are stagnant and not making any progress.

We will show you the process for progress…..